Old Makeup is Detrimental to Your Health – When to Throw Out Your Makeup!

Everyone knows that silk fur lashes has a shelf life, or certain point where you should not use it anymore. If used for too long after that point, makeup can cause irritation or even infection. The law does not, however, requiring makeup manufacturers to print expiration dates on cosmetic packaging, so it can be hard to know when you are supposed to throw your old makeup away.

silk fur lashes
silk fur lashes

Rbhuz Different types of silk fur lashes have different shelf lives, so it can be difficult to remember the guidelines. Here everything is listed in one place, to help you keep your skin healthy.

3 Months Lifespan

This should be tossed and replaced at least every three months, if it isn’t gone already. The second the wand touches your lashes it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. After 3 months, your risk of eye infection increases drastically.

6 Months Lifespan

Cream eye shadows
Cream blushes

At six months these products reach the end of their shelf life and should be tossed in the silk fur lashes. Some experts even say that foundation should be thrown away this soon as well. Others give them one year before they are no longer safe for skin.

1 Year Lifespan


One year is the maximum you have to use these products. If their color, consistency or texture changes before then, they should be thrown out as soon as you notice. There are some that would say that this is the silk fur lashes for powder blush and eye shadows also, though most say you can continue to use these products for 2-3 years after purchase. Some experts recommend that you throw out powder blushes and eye shadows after a year, although others will extend that deadline by as much as a year or two.

2 Years Lifespan

Powder Blush
Powder Eye shadow

As long as they do not start to smell funny, you can keep powder shadows and blushes for up to 2 or 3 years. The same goes for brushes. Just make sure you check them periodically to make sure they have not gone bad.

Caring For Your Safety First
All of these guidelines only apply if you take good care of your cosmetics. This means not sharing with other people, which only increases the chances of infection. You should also only ever apply your silk fur lashes to a clean and dry face with clean hands and brushes. Clean your brushes at least monthly with a gentle shampoo and let them air dry. Use a sanitizing spray on them between washings to extend their lives.


silk fur lashes
silk fur lashes

I know it can be truly emotional to part with a favorite lipstick or eye shadow, but every woman just has to do it once in a while, and new cosmetics can be expensive. When it is time to buy new silk fur lashes, consider finding what you need online. You kind try out and experiment with colors at your local department store if you need to, then search the internet for the best possible deal. There are numerous sites available that offer makeup at discounted rates. You probably can even find the exact product you are so heartbroken about having to get rid of. Happy Shopping!

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