Creating the Perfect Mineral Makeup Look

The art of 3d silk eyelashes really is a gift that can help to transform your look in a completely new way. It can be used to create an extension of yourself, whether you want to simply look like the tanned sun kissed girl next door or a vampy temptress. However no matter what look you want to achieve, or what features you want to enhance the underlying elements of your makeup your base, is always going to stay the same.Even if you have uneven skin tone and blemishes, you can help to fake amazing looking skin, it’s simply a matter of finding the right application and shade to suit your skin type. The following tips will help you to apply an undetectable base, which is the first step in achieving a gorgeous looking skin

3d silk eyelashes
3d silk eyelashes

Concealer: Rbhuz This is an essential item required for covering imperfections and evening out skin tone. The main 3d silk eyelashes for using a concealer is to hide any blemishes and offset natural shadows that occur under the eyes.It is really important that you choose the right shade, texture and formulation that will sit well under your base, because the eyes are set back in the socket they tend to be shrouded in shadow, which is created by bone structure around the eye. When choosing your concealer it should always be a shade or two lighter than your foundation, so it will offset any natural shadows that occur on your face, such as under the eyes and beside the nose

    • Foundation: This is a great product that can help to cover any imperfections and provide a smooth even surface for other 3d silk eyelashes products to sit on. Foundations come in many textures and have many different effects on the skin, whether that is matte, dewy or light reflecting. As a general rule cream based foundations and all in one foundation cream to powder works best for oily skin types. They have a matte effect and help to mop up any excess oil on the surface of the skin. They tend not to suit the drier, sensitive skin types as they can tend to look darker on dry patches and draw attention to flaking skin. Liquid foundations are lightweight and impart a dewy effect on the skin and are great for dry mature skin types, imparting a youthful dewy effect. Before purchasing a base always do a colour test on your jawline to get the perfect colour match, your foundation must match your skin tone on both your face and neck in order to look as natural as possible. Care must be taken when applying your foundation so that you blend it in thoroughly, helping to avoid that tide mark effect that can occur around the hair, and jaw line.
    • Blusher: Many women wrongly apply blusher, using it as a contouring tool to try to sculpt the look of their face which can look really unnatural and extremely aging. Instead apply a touch of blusher to the apples of the cheeks in order to enhance your cheekbones. Generally rose pinks work well on pale skins, warmer corals and peaches look good on medium skin tones and bronzers work really well on darker skin.
  • Powder: Unlike traditional powder, that was so matte it worked to dampen your inner glow and settle into fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin looking ashen, there are now a new generation of powders that are light in texture, giving the skin a luminous sheen. Apply a dusting of translucent powder that contains tiny light reflecting particles, that will help to set your 3d silk eyelashes base and enhance that inner glow.
3d silk eyelashes
3d silk eyelashes

The benefits of perfecting your base will help to obscure any imperfections and balance out uneven discolorations and thankfully a little bit of 3d silk eyelashes manipulation can work wonders to help hide uneven blemishes and create a seamless finish.

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