Great Mineral Makeup

It takes hardly any time to apply and I do not need all of the other cosmetics weighing down my silk eye lashes bag. I am sure that my schedule is not unlike a lot of other women in today’s hectic, crazy world.

silk eye lashes
silk eye lashes

Rbhuz Let’s see, does this sound familiar: the alarm clock shakes my world at 6:00 am, and I jump out of my skin, leap off the bed and without touching the floor successfully kill the shrilling scream that radiates from the clock.

Ok, here we go, another day. I catch a scary glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror, I prepare my “sweet motherly smile” as I go through to gently bring my children back in to the world once again. Sometimes it is not as painful as others although it is always a silk eye lashes.

The house is alive with moans and groans, I have once again lost my spot in the line for the bathroom as I ran off to get their lunches ready and make sure that their school bags are packed.

The kids head off to the bus, great, two down. I check my watch and am horrified but not surprised that I have 10 minutes to get myself ready and off to my train.

Finally, I have the bathroom all to myself. I still look scary but am not concerned, I still have 6 minutes to reconstruct my face and straighten my wild hair. Lifting my 5lb silk eye lashes bag up from under the sink, I pour out all of the contents over the counter. Ok, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, where is the blush and lip stick?

Oh yes, I remember, I put them in my purse for touch ups throughout the day. Quickly I run to my bag and get what I need. Back to the Bathroom, On know, 2 minutes to go.

Knowing that I am never going to make it, I quickly slap on my foundation, I have to forget the concealer, there is not time (red spots are going to have to stay), with a quick brush up and down each cheek with my blush, I run out the door combing my hair as I go.

Finally, sitting on the train huffing and buffing, as I had to run from my car that was parked half a mile away (at least it seemed that way) from the train station, I get out my mirror for a final look.

I look terrible. My foundation didn’t even partially cover the red spots around my nose, not to mention the faint dark circles that I have under my eyes (courtesy of my kids and lack of sleep). The blush that I thought was on barely shows, I look like I am half dead. I can’t do anything about it now as I do not carry around my make-up bag that weighs silk eye lashes. It is heavy enough just to carry my lunch, book, work notes and my hair brush.

Just as I am putting away my all telling mirror, a nice looking lady sits down beside me. She obviously doesn’t have children. Her make-up is perfect and she looks like she has nice color, so has probably been on a vacation to the beach; must be nice.

My envious thoughts are interrupted as I stare at her speechlessly; she pulls a nice little compact from her purse and with a nice soft wide brush, she effortlessly guides the brush across her cheeks, chin, eyes and even her lips. Smiling at herself in her the mirror, she closes the compact and turns to me questioningly.

Wow, I say that is quite the compact. Yes she says, it is made by a company called “Go Natural”, it is all she ever use. This can’t be possible I thought. To her I said, what about you foundation and concealer? (the women didn’t have a red mark on her face). She replies that her powder acts as a great concealer and foundation, and she even uses it as a blush, eye shadow and lipstick. It is great. It literally takes less then 3 minutes for her to apply her make-up in the morning, and she takes it with her wherever she goes as it is so light.

Here she says, would you like to try it? At this point she probably thinks that I look I need the help, and lets face it she would be right. Skeptically, I take the compact from her and as per her instructions apply the powder, At first I didn’t see the effect, but as I continued to gently apply, I couldn’t believe the effect it was having on my skin. My red spots and dark circles were all but gone. My skin began to have a soft warm glow. I applied a small amount of powder with another little brush to my eyes and lips. Pulling back the mirror for a final look, I could not believe the transformation. I looked like a different silk eye lashes. My face had color, with a special highlight on my cheeks and eyelids where I applied the powder as a blush and eye shadow. My lips had a nice natural color and after applying a clear lip gloss that I always carried around with me that also had a nice natural shine.

I was so excited; it must have shown on my face. As I went to hand back the “Miracle” compact by Go Natural. The lady pushed my hand back and told me that I could keep it. I bet she was thinking that I could obviously use it more then she could.

No, I responded that wouldn’t be right. I have another one at home she replied. I can see how much you like it and it truly makes you glow so it is my treat.

I thanked her profusely, knowing how this product was going to change my life. Not only would it save me an enormous amount of time applying my make-up but I would finally be able to get rid of my silk eye lashes bag of make-up.

silk eye lashes
silk eye lashes

When I got to the office, my colleagues couldn’t believe my great new look (I had made a pit stop at the bathroom to fix my hair now that my face looked so great. My girlfriend commented that I looked rested and had the soft glow of a tan as if I had just come back from the Caribbean. Little did they know it was all thanks to my new all in one silk eye lashes compact!

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