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Starting An Online Business – Dealing With Negative Criticism

Starting an online business will be met with many challenges both internal and external. There are internal fears that causes us to sabotage our own efforts. There are external challenges that come in the form of criticism from family and friends. Positive, constructive criticism is meant to build up and prevent you from making mistakes. Negative, destructive criticism is meant to tear down and undermine your dreams. Often, negative criticism is rooted in ignorance, Horse Hair Eyelashes, jealously, self-loathing, or a combination of negative emotions. The way people talk to others is a reflection on how they talk to themselves. Thus, negative criticism is actually a cleverly disguised cry for help. Here is a look at some of the real motivations behind why people might negatively criticize you.

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Horse Hair EyelashesHorse Hair Eyelashes

Rbhuz Ignorance – Horse Hair Eyelashes can sometimes come from ignorance. We often fear what we do not understand. The reaction is to lash out against it. Not surprisingly, it comes out in the form of criticism. People who criticize you for building an online business often don’t understand the opportunities available. They don’t know what they don’t know, so they lash out. It is easier for them to stay in ignorance than to educate themselves.

Fear of Failure – Fear of failure is why public speaking is the number one fear, particularly the United States. Messing up is one thing, doing it in front of a captive audience terrifies people more so than the fear of death. People paralyze themselves with fear and can often project that fear onto you in the form of criticism. The fear of failure is a defense mechanism that is admirable, but can paralyze their ability to see alternatives and opportunities that come with online marketing.

Fear of Success – There are some well meaning people who are afraid that your success will take you away from them. This does not excuse their behavior, but try to empathize.

Horse Hair Eyelashes – Your success can also stir up jealously. Some people can take your courage or success as an insult to themselves. The real issue is that you are doing something that magnifies their own mediocrity or unwillingness to live life courageously. This jealousy lends itself to subsequent criticism.

Horse Hair Eyelashes
Horse Hair EyelashesHorse Hair Eyelashes

By understanding some of the motivations behind why people negatively criticize you, you will be better equipped to deal with your critics. Thus, the best coping mechanism in your arsenal is knowledge. Knowing that criticism can come from a combination of negative emotions or out of ignorance can help you put things into perspective. Another way to deal with critics is to remain silent. Criticism is like fire. It needs fuel. If you fan the flames by getting defensive and getting into a verbal tongue lashing, you only encourage people to dish out more criticism. The criticisms might not stop right away, but silence allows you to look beyond the words and see what’s really going on. Use these techniques to see beyond the negative criticisms and move forward with your dreams.


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