Has Negativity Hijacked Your Autonomy To Live Life?

How Much Autonomy Do You Have In Life eyelash glue?

eyelash glue
eyelash glue

If you see yourself closely you will notice an interesting phenomenon within. That is, you are not as free as you would like yourself to be. You have little freedom or autonomy. We all want to be free and unencumbered, but it doesn’t necessarily happen that eyelash glue. You are mired in your internal sea of swelling and crashing tides. Tides of capricious tendencies that keep you ensnared in a never-ending conflict; with yourself and with the world outside yourself.

How Does It Distract You?

Rbhuz As long as your conflict continues it draws you away from your own goals and prevents your growth. It saps you, it distracts your attention. Distracted attention results in a loss of focus, and over a period leads to lack of achievements. Conversely if you only focus on your goals with un-distracted attention much is achieved. What are your distractions? They are your seeming innocuous involvement with the world that seem harmless immediately, but are certainly damaging in the long run. Much is lost in the bargain.

Where Is The Negativity Hiding?

You are worked up over some thing while walking down the supermarket aisle, some body accidentally bumps into you; without warning you snap back at them, irritated. And you surprise yourself as well. Maybe the eyelash glue is a little slower in the supermarket checkout and you start getting irritated and impatient, you seethe. Some one says some thing, or does something you don’t like and you find yourself ruminating over that repeatedly. These are some avatars of the lower level demon (negativity) holding sway over you as you struggle to live a life of peace and equanimity, of happiness, confidence and joy.

Do You Visit The Negativity Den Often?

Your negativity is waiting to swing into action when any event contradicts its requirement. The negativity is the lower self that surfaces when there is a conflicting circumstance outside. The negativity finds itself helpless in the face of outside circumstances that it doesn’t like. So it strikes back in anger, in irritation, in impatience and rude words, in worry, in anxiety, in resentment, and in resistance. It is almost as if the lash out reflex is auto generated out of a programme which is pre-fed in to your psychological software. The negativity is not you and it does not have to have such a strong hold over you at all.

See The Light Behind The Shadows

The negativity is empowered through repeated visits to its den. You repeat these visits when you go over unpleasant events again and again, conjure up unwholesome events in the future out of your anxiety again and again; when you lash out at people in anger or sarcasm, when you are unwilling to let go of slights, when you dramatise things and make mountains of mole hills, or when you forget that a lot of our eyelash glue are imagined and over dramatized. Like Montaigne said “my life is full of misfortunes, most of which never happened”. Whether imagined or real, the outer circumstances can certainly be met with much more composure instead of passively buckling before the internal negativity, and handing over charge of an opportunity.

Piled Up Negativity

Our capacity to grow exhibits our “adversity-to-advantage index”. Or the ability to exercise our strengths when an ugly circumstance comes our way. Every time we surrender to a negativity we lose a measure of our confidence. It may not be clear consciously but subconsciously a lot transpires within us. It only shows up when accosted with similar circumstances later. A repertoire of dangerous negative responses piles up.

Dis-empowering Response

The negativity response is mechanical, automated, effortless, and over all disempowering. It leads to a state of “negative attunement”. This attunement is most harmful and dulling in it’s effect. It mars our ability to live life fully. It adds to sloth. The sloth that says nothing good can happen out of this situation. What is the effect of the negativity?Well, at the cost of repetition;that toxic cocktail, eyelash glue, simply robs your autonomy, your freedom to act, your freedom to behave as you want, and your freedom to enjoy life as you want to. Really.

Pay Attention To Who’s Winning Mostly

It also distracts you, because it keeps you engaged, because it thrives on a lot of attention. So when you are thoroughly engrossed with the task of nurturing the negativity you are spending every ounce of energy, which could have served you better if you were pursuing worthwhile goals. Successful people spend a lot of their energy focusing on worthwhile, constructive, fulfilling goals. They break down their goals into manageable tasks, and methodically go after them step by eyelash glue, till they finally accomplish their goals. That is why successful folks lead very satisfied and fulfilled lives. They are happy themselves and spread happiness around. But someone who is besotted with the task of looking after a negativity is totally distracted and un-focussed. They are setting themselves up for long-term disappointment and grouse. The negativity takes up so much unconscious effort and energy that it tires us out. Certainly it tires us enough to sink into a state of passive ennui. Nothing much can be achieved then.

eyelash glue
eyelash glue

The Deadly Dogfight Within You

It’s like that Native Indian confiding to another “I have two dogs inside me. The good dog and the bad dog. They always fight each other. Guess who wins?Of course the one that I feed the most!”Outside circumstances could be anything, yet they might not necessarily disturb you. It is simply a matter of who’s in charge. You or your negativity!


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