Mineral Makeup, Is It The Natural Choice?

Clients that come to me are usually well informed about cosmetic and skin care ingredients in their personal beauty eyelash custom box. I believe this is due to the advent of organic skin care and the education that precedes it.

eyelash custom box
eyelash custom box

Rbhuz Many companies not touting themselves as organic have even changed many of their ingredients to reflect a healthier choice for the consumer as some of these synthetic ingredients had been linked to cancer, skin irritation and a host of other adverse reactions.

Some of the well known synthetic ingredients in skin care and cosmetic products are: parabens, urea, sodium lauryl sulfate, and a variety of dyes and fragrances.

However, what about mineral makeup and their claims? One of the most popular mineral cosmetic eyelash custom box company claims that theirs is “so pure you can sleep in it”.

Is mineral eyelash custom box truly a natural and more healthful choice?

Mineral eyelash custom box is primarily used for foundations and blushes, and is praised for its ability to cover up blemishes and to last for long periods of time.

It is also touted as hypoallergenic, preventing acne and eliminating skin irritation due to its pure ingredients, which won’t clog pores.

Some can even act as a sunscreen, with an SPF of 15 and others like Eminence are as high as 30 SPF.

The three main ingredients in virtually all types of mineral eyelash custom box include mica, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide.

Mica is what gives mineral makeup it’s sheen and color and titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are literally used to block UV rays by acting like tiny mirrors on the skin reflecting, refracting and absorbing rays.

These are minerals which occur naturally and are generally safe to use but it is important to look at the other ingredients to determine how pure and natural a certain mineral eyelash custom box product may be.

Of course as safe as this minerals makeups are it is always best to consult a skin care expert to see if these are the right products for you. As an example an ingredient known as bismuth oxychloride, a color additive that increases shine, is technically a mineral, but it can in some people cause a minor irritation and cause you to breakout.

Overall These Ingredients Are Generally Safe

Some companies like Eminence want to optimize the skin benefits of that group of minerals into cosmetic products by adding botanical elements to significantly achieve a near-zero risk for skin irritation and distress among mineral eyelash custom box products.

Therefore keep in mind that when buying mineral eyelash custom box your own knowledge of ingredients and the reputation of the company are your best bet.

So always do your research, read lots of reviews if you can, talk to your friends if they are using it and most of all ask your skincare expert as they might have additional information that you can benefit from when choosing a mineral cosmetic line for yourself.

Joanna Vargas is a graduate from the University of Chicago and is a celebrity facialist well known for her unique facials and skincare treatments. Her signature microcurrent facial and skincare treatments are the source of rave reviews from the leading magazines such as Vogue, Allure and others.

eyelash custom box
eyelash custom box

She will soon have her skincare eyelash custom box line available as well as a full body LED light therapy bed, patent pending.


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