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Proceed With Caution

Don’t be fooled. Everything that glitters is not gold, and everything that best faux silk mink eyelash is not diamond so hold true every person that professes to be a trained beauty professional is not. In this two part article you will learn how to navigate the REAL BEAUTY INDUSTRY, and keep yourself healthy along the way.

best faux silk mink eyelash
best faux silk mink eyelash

Rbhuz Every state has it’s very own licensing requirements for best faux silk mink eyelash , manicurists, and cosmetologists. In Michigan our State Board of cosmetology requires that estheticians and manicurists have a minimum of 400 hours of schooling and not less than six moths if apprenticed. Cosmetologists are required to complete 1500 hours of schooling and not less than two years if they apprentice. Only after successful completion of cosmetology school or an apprenticeship program (all apprenticeships have to be approved by the state board in writing) can an individual take a two-part examination I. practical II. theory, after successfully passing both parts of the required examination with 75% or greater can an individual then apply for a state issued license from the state if Michigan’s board of cosmetology.

Each licensed professional knows the best faux silk mink eyelash of their licensing and whether or not her or she is providing services outside of that scope. A licensed cosmetologist holds a full cosmetology license allowing them to practice in every area of cosmetology: hair cutting, coloring and styling, makeup application, skin care, hair removal, manicuring and pedicuring. Esthetician’s in the state of Michigan hold a limited cosmetology license allowing them to practice in the following areas: skin care, temporary hair removal (waxing, sugaring, threading), makeup application (not including permanent makeup), lash extensions, eyebrow and lash tinting, body scrubs, masks and wraps. Manicurist also hold a limited cosmetology license allowing them to practice: manicuring, pedicuring, acrylic, gel and fiberglass artificial and natural nail art.

The recent trend in our industry has been Nail Spa’s, our towns have become inundated with these convenient little one stop best faux silk mink eyelash. I strongly recommend that you to proceed with caution when visiting nail spas. The term spa is associated with water treatment and healing, however this does not mean that every business that uses the word spa in their business name can provide “spa treatments.” Facials, waxing and other esthetic services should not be done in a nail spa unless preformed by a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. Manicurists are not licensed to preform these services.

There is an even more best faux silk mink eyelash underground trend that exists among individuals that claim to be beauty industry professionals, offering services like laser hair removal, body waxing, shaving, trimming, hair cutting and coloring all from the convenience of your home or theirs. Granted many successful a technician has provided services from their home at some point in their career, but again I strongly recommend that you proceed with caution when consulting these individuals. F.Y.I.-In the state of Michigan only and individual under the supervision of a licensed Michigan physician or dentist can provide laser hair removal, so nobody unless they are a Licensed Michigan Dentist or Physician should be practicing laser hair removal and especially not out of their home.

best faux silk mink eyelash
best faux silk mink eyelash

In the following article we will discuss when to choose an best faux silk mink eyelash over a cosmetologist, and how to conduct your own Sherlock Holmes mini-investigation on the people servicing you. An educated client is a healthy client.


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