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Human Response to a Conflict Situation

An individual’s mind should be considered as two separate parts. These two parts are the emotional best faux lashes and the rational part. The emotional part is simply the one that feels whereas the rational part is the one that thinks.

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Rbhuz These two parts work in tandem together ordinarily, and for the vast majority of time are evenly balanced. You should consider the two parts as a set of scales finally balanced, one side emotional and the other side rational, Whenever an individual becomes particularly upset or feels threatened the emotional part of the mind quickly dominates and because of this the emotional part of the brain quickly dominates the rational part. This will make an individual lose much of their ability to best faux lashes, to make an informed or rational decision.

If an individual becomes seriously threatened they could experience the most primitive and extreme emotional response which is known as the flight of flight response. The fight or flight response has evolved from the earliest survival instincts of mankind. It is a natural animal instinct which was necessary for survival. Although as time has progressed, dangers are far less, humans still respond in this way should they feel suitably threatened.

When fight or flight is triggered, adrenaline is released in the body, which increase greatly when the heart rate quickens, pumping blood into the larger muscles throughout the body. The individual’s eyes open wide to absorb as much information as possible and focus solely on the threat, the hearing fine tunes to the threat, the though process becomes more emotional therefore lowering the rational thinking of the individual, and the individual’s ability to perform complex physical skills is seriously impeded. The result of this is the body is geared up for action that would be for the individual to run away (best faux lashes) or Fight.

With flight and flight the individual may lash out as an instinctive response to a real or perceived threat. This lashing out could be used for the individual to escape the threat, go into flight mode. This is evident when an individual may feel trapped in by a situation and need to escape from it. If the flight best faux lashes is impeded the individual would have to revert to fight in order to be able to escape.

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It is important to note that the fight and flight response is a purely instinctive response. This means that if the individual is naturally a fighter they will always take to fight. If it is the individual’s natural instinct to take flight during a highly emotive situation the individual will always try to take flight from the situation. It would not matter what training or preparation an individual undertakes to try to prevent them from either fighting or taking flight, the natural instinct of the individual will always take over and the individual will naturally revert back to this primitive response mechanism to a highly emotive situation.


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