Shaman Leveling Guide and Shaman Leveling Spec

Starting new toons is never fun, but hopefully this shaman leveling guide and its shaman leveling spec will make leveling this particular character a 3d mink eyelashes less difficult.

3d mink eyelashes
3d mink eyelashes

Rbhuz Shaman has a wide variety of options available, and can pretty much do everything well, tanking being the notable exception. For the purposes of leveling, though, there’s really only one choice; 3d mink eyelashes.

The basic Enhancement Shaman Leveling Spec is as follows:

Ancestral Knowledge – Rank 5/5

Thundering Strikes – Rank 5/5

Improved Ghost Wolf – Rank 2/2

Elemental 3d mink eyelashes – Rank 3/3

Shamanistic Focus – Rank 1/1

Flurry – Rank 5/5

Spirit Weapons – Rank 1/1

Mental Dexterity – Rank 3/3

Unleashed Rage – Rank 3/3

Weapon Mastery – Rank 3/3

Dual Wield Specialization – Rank 3/3

Dual 3d mink eyelashes- Rank 1/1

Stormstrike – Rank 1/1

Static Shock – Rank 3/3

Lava Lash – Rank 1/1

Improved Stormstrike – Rank 2/2

Mental Quickness – Rank 3/3

Shamanistic Rage – Rank 1/1

Maelstrom Weapon – Rank 5/5

Feral Spirit – Rank 1/1

After you finish Enhancement, move on to Elemental to round out your spec:

Concussion – Rank 5/5

Call of 3d mink eyelashes- Rank 3/3

Elemental Devastation – Rank 3/3

Elemental Focus – Rank 1/1

Elemental Fury – Rank 5/5

Improved Fire Nova – Rank 2/2

So there’s your shaman leveling spec; now for your shaman leveling guide.

First, though, a few generic World of Warcraft tips:

Use keybinds instead of clicking your abilities. Clicking abilities is slower by far. Likewise, turning with the keyboard is far slower than turning using the 3d mink eyelashes by right-clicking.

Keep your gear up to date; it’s easy to afford the best gear off the AH as long as you send all your white or better quality drops to an alt and auction them off.

Log out at an inn or in a major city; the extra Rest XP is too valuable to waste!

Use a good questing guide!

At later levels you won’t need it, but early on keep a good supply of Food and 3d mink eyelashes.

On to the shaman leveling guide specific tips:

Don’t bother with totems when leveling unless you are fighting a very strong mob or accidentally pull a lot at once; they aren’t worth the mana or the time it takes to pull mobs to them.

Use your cooldowns often; pulling a lot of mobs and letting loose with Spirit Wolves is a great way to speed up the leveling process. The same goes for using Shamanistic Fury for mana and the like.

Learn to kite! If things go bad, kiting a mob with Frost Shock can let you whittle it down until it dies or you get a cooldown back up.

Go for Hit Rating, Strength, Attack power, and eventually Int over other stats! Stamina isn’t useless, but it’s nowhere near as good as the others, since if you kill quicker you get hit less and things end up the same, but taking longer.

Go for big, slow weapons, and use double Windfury while leveling; things get a bit more nuanced at level eighty, but this is good advice for now.

Always keep a shield up, but vary it based on what you need; if you have mana problems, Water Shield is better, but you can pick up your kill speed a good bit once you reach the point that you don’t need that mana by switching to Lightning Shield.

Now, how exactly do you play your shaman? It really varies based on what skills you have while leveling:

Early on, you pretty much have nothing special to do. Pull with Lightning Bolt, hit the mob with whatever your highest damage Shock is, and autoattack them down(make sure you have Rockbiter on).

This stays the same for a long time, until you get Stormstrike and Lava Lash and other abilities. Windfury becomes much better once you have dual wield and Stormstrike, and you’ll notice a MAJOR increase in your kill speed; Shaman will go from mediocre to incredibly good at leveling instantly.

Once you get them, things stay mostly the same, except you should use Stormstrike, then Earth Shock, then Lava Lash, in that order of importance.

After that, things are mostly the same; you’ll gain some extra cooldowns and other goodies, and Maelstrom Weapon; use it to heal or drop a Lightning Bolt, but ALWAYS use it as soon as it hits five stacks, as anything else is a waste.

After you’ve got all this down, make sure to grab a questing guide to really speed things up; you can check out my comparison review of the top guides over at my 3d mink eyelashes.

3d mink eyelashes
3d mink eyelashes

And once you get this character to level eighty, check out my shaman gold farming guide.


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